The Basics.

Client: NorthShore University HealthSystem
Industry: Healthcare
Project: Cutting through the clutter by gamifying connected TV


NorthShore University HealthSystem (NorthShore) is an integrated healthcare delivery system serving patients across the Chicagoland area. For a new creative launch, they wanted to engage with target audiences in unique ways to differentiate from competing hospital networks, cut through marketplace video clutter, and avoid traditional spot fatigue.



NorthShore is bound by HIPAA, so KSM is unable to utilize standard attribution measurement techniques past log-in walls, or employ some standard tactics such as personalized retargeting.


Heavy competition and clutter in the NorthShore area made audience expansion challenging.

Strategic Approach.

KSM recommended CTV to reach core NorthShore targets across screens. But in order to command attention in a cluttered space, the execution would have to be fun and memorable. We needed to identify a platform that would complement the new creative launch, deliver to a new, younger subset of our target, and drive engagement.

Precision Execution

  • Upon vetting platforms, Hulu presented us with an opportunity: an interactive quiz. This idea aligned with our desire to deliver elements in a more engaging way, and was a new use of an existing medium for NorthShore.
  • While the quiz could have been your standard brand awareness study, we instead fine-tuned it to be relevant to audience programming. Our “Are you a TV Expert?” quiz featured questions about hospital drama shows, written by the NorthShore Staff.
  • This was potentially a big risk; the interactive messaging had loose relation to NorthShore’s brand.


NorthShore’s engagement rate surpassed Hulu’s benchmarks by 135%. Thanks to the compelling experience, 88% of all viewers who opened the trivia unit went on to start the quiz, and 78% of those completed all 5 questions.

Our outside-of-the-box thinking delivered a new kind of CTV experience that boosted memorability and delivered a measurable increase to website traffic.

The campaign also served as a proxy for understanding the halo effect of interactive CTV executions, and how best to prioritize them in the media mix to drive awareness and engagement for a low-engagement category.

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