State of Media 2017 vol. 9 issue 1

This edition focuses on the evolution of media measurement, presidential brands, 2017 CES, native TV ads, connected cars and NCAA's college football playoff


Fall 2016 State of Media

This edition focuses on brick-and-mortar shopping, smart home products, people-based marketing, music advertising, the changing audience of baseball and millennials' video consumption habits.

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Summer 2016 State of Media

This edition focuses on the future out-of-home advertising, luxury advertising, inter-networks, virtual reality, the state of mobile, audio updates and sports marketing.

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How are voters influenced by political marketing?

Our recent study provides useful findings for both political marketers and those looking to avoid the noise.

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Recapping the latest marketing and advertising trends

Our State of Media archives house a plethora of findings about what to watch in media right now.

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Key to Opting Out of Personalized Ads

It has been seen countless times, yet it may be the advertising industry’s best-kept secret. What exactly is that small turquoise triangle, often in the upper right corner, that appears in many online ads?

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Ad-blockers are terrifying companies

There's a battle raging over the Internet right now — one that pits a multibillion-dollar industry against a few lines of code.

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Truths & Myths:
Set-Top Box Data

Data collection and consumer privacy issues meet again, this time in the realm of set-top boxes. Find out what this means for marketers in our new white paper.

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Most People Don't Understand 'AdChoices' Icon

Advertisers, agencies and publishers serve the AdChoices icon more than 1 trillion times each month. Yet despite the icon's presence throughout the Web, fewer than one in 10 Internet users know what the small blue symbol in the shape of a sideways triangle actually means, according to the latest State of Media report by the agency Kelly Scott Madison.

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The State Of Opt-Outs: Not Pretty For Privacy

As the ad industry girds for the mushrooming debate around privacy, consumer choice and ad blocking, it’s clear that existing opt-out mechanisms aren’t exactly cutting it, especially when it comes to cross-device.

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