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Display, Video and Mobile

Online and mobile display and video advertising play important roles within your media marketing portfolio. Our team leverages these formats to bring your target audience closer to your brand in an engaging and measurable way.

KSM Digital’s online display, video and mobile services include the following:

  • Site Direct: Leveraging our deep publisher relations, we strategically align with key partners that can help elevate our client’s campaign efforts which often involves customizing current creative assets to drive unique and contextually relevant consumer experiences.
  • Custom Sponsorships: We create and negotiate premium placements and exclusive packages for our clients with leading brands and publishers.  Often, this includes integrated cross-platform opportunities providing maximum impact.
  • Ad Network Management: We critically evaluate the ad network landscape and select only the most transparent, best-in-class partners that deliver top-tier online display and video inventory for efficient and targeted reach.
  • Demand-Side Platform: Moving beyond impression buying, we participate in real-time bidding via ad exchanges using third-party data providers to reach your core targets at the right price.
  • Advanced Targeting: Our technology suite includes all forms of targeting to your consumers, including re-marketing, behavioral, contextual, geographic and dayparting.
  • KPI Measurement and Optimization: We are constantly tweaking to find the right mix of cost-per-acquisition, cost-per-thousand, cost-per-whatever to move the needle on your key performance indicators.

How can we help you with display, video and mobile?

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