Kelly Scott Madison


Sy Chaba

Executive Vice President, Director of Strategic Planning and Account Services

Sy is executive vice president and the director of strategic planning and account services at KSM. He got his start in media at Leo Burnett and later moved to Tassani & Paglia before joining our agency in 1995. Sy’s expertise in QSR, healthcare, CPG and national broadcast buying has benefited a wide range of accounts including Miller Brewing, Kellog’s, Procter & Gamble, United Airlines, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Sony and Blue Cross Blue Shield. He earned a B.A. from Northern Illinois University where he majored in journalism with an advertising emphasis and minored in art.

  • Can’t miss TV: Breaking Bad
  • Favorite Super Bowl ad: Talking animals (doesn’t matter the brand— they crack me up)
  • Why Media: Involvement in media is my bid to rule the world by making consumers do what I want them to on behalf of the brands I support
  • Why KSM? Because of the opportunity to work on a diverse list of clients that keep things fresh. Oh yeah...the people...gotta love the people I’ve been lucky enough to surround myself with!


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