Kelly Scott Madison


Joni Williams

Partner, President

As president and one of three active agency partners at KSM, Joni brings her specialty in cultivating new client relationships and strategic business insights to our key operations. She joined our team in 1992, and rose quickly through the organization. Her enterprising ability and leadership qualities have forged lasting partnerships with a long list of vital clients as she continues to be the catalyst behind much of KSM’s continued growth. Joni earned a B.F.A. from Illinois Wesleyan University.

  • If I could, I would work remotely from: Santorini or my front porch
  • Desert island technology: Hydro-electric power. How else can I use my cell phone, iPad, computer AND have air conditioning!
  • Side gigs: Singing, biking, dabbling in gardening with the pup
  • Why KSM? Having the ability to continually evolve a growing organization with an AMAZING group of people!

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