Kelly Scott Madison


Elizabeth Kalmbach

Vice President
Group Media Director

Elizabeth is vice president and group media director at KSM and joined our agency in 2004 from Starcom. She specializes in entertainment, healthcare, retail and new business strategy. Her extensive client experience includes Pillsbury, Museum of Science & Industry, P&G, Encompass Insurance, Allstate Insurance, The National Beef Council, Showtime Networks Inc., Illinois Lottery, Robert Morris University, Jimmy John’s and Zimmer. Elizabeth earned a B.A. in both English and French from Colgate University.

  • Side gigs: My dog. He’s like a second full-time job.
  • Media trend you’re tracking: Video, video, video (increase in viewership across all platforms, dayparting, viewership by age, future of, evolution of various platforms, etc).
  • Why media: I interned for Bill Kurtis after college because I thought I wanted to write for television. When I realized I cared more about why he was switching his focus from producing PBS documentaries to producing “Cold Case Files” for A&E, it was clear that I was more interested in targeting than writing show voice-overs. Then I found out there was a whole industry dedicated to targeting and I was hooked.
  • Why KSM? The work, the people, the ideas, the clients.

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