Kelly Scott Madison


Donna Kleinman

VP, Director of Media Relations

As VP and director of media relations, Donna’s main focus is to foster and maintain great relationships with all of KSM’s media vendors on behalf of our clients. Having gained valuable insight and connections on the vendor side at both CoxReps (formerly Telerep) and Millennium Sales and Marketing (part of Katz Media Group), Donna decided to bring her experience to the agency world when she joined KSM in 2000. Since then she has used her excellent industry reputation and clout to provide us with creative financial strategies that ultimately benefit both our company and its clients. Donna graduated with a B.S. in speech communication from Emerson College, where she also minored in communication disorders.

  • If you were a magazine title, which one would you be? Cosmopolitan
  • If I could, I would work remotely from: Positano, Italy
  • Why media? I'm an insomniac and have stayed up watching TV all night since childhood

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