Kelly Scott Madison

Who We Are

At KSM, we have built a team of skilled marketers with an overt passion for all
things media

We stay attuned to the latest media and consumer trends, eager to deliver the next business-transforming insight. From experienced professionals to fresh minds, everyone at KSM shares the distinct desire to deliver innovative solutions that go beyond the expected.

KSM has repeatedly demonstrated an impressive degree of versatility and expertise. This is most clearly exhibited by the positive results we achieve for clients across numerous categories. Our unique approach ensures continued success for our clients.


Our Approach

KSM specialists offer our clients a strategic multi-layered marketing approach. Baseline processes and innovative elements are woven into every campaign to ensure your organization's needs are uniquely addressed.

Leadership Profile

Sy Chaba

Sy provides oversight to ensure that media plans constructed will positively impact business results by effectively and efficiently delivering on client marketing objectives.

Full Bio

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