Kelly Scott Madison

Winter 2016 State of Media

Providing Key Insights Into the Latest Topics in Media

Chicago-based media agency Kelly Scott Madison presents its winter 2016 State of Media magazine. This refreshed version of KSM's popular quarterly media report recaps key topics from the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016.

As always, we strive to provide our readers with more frequent access to unique insights and opinions on the ever-changing media landscape. This edition contains a rundown of consumer perceptions and sentiments toward political advertising via our latest Political Marketing Study, conducted alongside ORC International.

Additional highlights include:

  • Jersey Advertising: Unlike other countries, the four major U.S. leagues have avoided placing ads on sports jerseys. But recent discussions might change this, giving marketers a new channel to build consumer engagement.
  • Emoji Marketing: Marketers in the digital landscape have a new language to learn. Find out how emojis can be utilized to better connect with digitally-savvy audiences.  
  • Social is the New Search: Search is no longer dominated by the big engines. Discover how advertisers can take advantage of users searching across social channels.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Automated marketing systems, guided by a human touch are now more common than ever. What do these new capabilities mean for the future of advertising?
  • Digital Influencers: Traditional celebrities are no longer the only source of mass impact as social media influencers now compete with even Hollywood’s most elite for consumers’ attention. 
  • What's Next For Magazines?: With most subscription and revenue numbers stuck in a lull, is a Netflix-style platform the next move for magazines? 
  • Cable Update: Over-the-top platforms are showing growth, but traditional TV still reigns supreme. Find out how cable providers intend to defend their future grip on the contested format. 
  • Summer Olympics: The biggest sporting event in the world is just around the corner. Learn six key items marketers should pay attention to this summer.
  • Holiday Shopping Recap: We revisit the 2015 holiday shopping season’s top trends by pitting our fall survey’s predictions against the latest numbers.

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