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Understanding Mobile: Which Tactics Are Leading The Way?



Which tactics are leading the way today and what do those executions actually look like?

According to J.P. Morgan, 2014 U.S. mobile advertising experienced 75 percent year over year growth in ad spend rising to $12.5 billion, due in large part to the continued proliferation of smartphone device usage across the country. As a result of this growth, mobile has positioned itself as a necessarycornerstone to any brand’s digital media strategy. Consumers today are spending 52 percent more time on their mobile devices than last year, which equates to more than one hour per day for every person in the U.S.

This rapidly-emerging platform offers a wide variety of advertising options and the effectiveness of each varies based upon campaign goals, target audience and desired engagement factors. As advertisers experiment with capturing consumer attention through mobile, two formats are emerging as effectiveness leaders: native video and the use of beacons. But what does it actually look like to execute the various methods available in today’s mobile ad world?

Native Video Advertising

Native video is defined as a paid advertisement that has the appearance of editorial content. Native is the new generation of the latter-day print advertorial. It can take the form of newsfeed ads on social media (e.g., Facebook and Twitter), or show up as “sponsored” stories in news and entertainment properties like the New YorkTimes, CNN and Buzzfeed, among others. Socintel360 predicts that spending in the native category is projected to increase 34 percent to $4.3 billion this year, and will...

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