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The State of Mobile



Regardless of its rapid growth, mobile still has some kinks to work out. We detail both the issues and opportunities ahead.

Few digital advertisers would contest the importance of mobile. Its usage continues to climb, and eMarketer predicts that U.S. adults will spend an average of three hours and eight minutes per day on mobile devices in 2016. Constant innovations to this channel make for exciting opportunities for mobile advertisers in the near future. Though, understanding when and how to incorporate mobile into an overall multi-channel media strategy involves knowing both the benefits as well as some of the challenges that currently exist for advertisers.

Before tossing mobile into the media mix, it is important to take a step back and look at the big picture. On average, consumers spend more time on mobile than any other device, leading many advertisers to believe that a “mobile-first” media strategy is the key to hitting campaign objectives. The problem is that “mobile-first” overvalues a single channel, placing the focus on the device as opposed to the consumer. A better approach is to consider a “consumer-first” strategy, placing the consumer journey at the forefront. The good news here for mobile is that it fits well into the overall path because it can form an intimate connection with consumers, as well as provide an opportunity for personalized brand storytelling through the use of push messaging and cross-device targeting. 

Still, that doesn’t mean this capability always comes easily, which makes it very important to identify exactly where mobile fits into the overall consumer path for a particular brand in order to direct strategy and tactical planning. This is where it can become confusing for some, since the space is rapidly changing and there are seemingly endless arrays of tactics for brands to choose from. Advancements in ad technology are driving...

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