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The evolution of media measurement?



Many in the industry have been demanding advancements in measurement capabilities for quite a while, and this year finally promises to bring big change 

Audience fragmentation is accelerating and media measurement has had trouble keeping up the pace for some time. Due to technology and tracking difficulties, creating one measurement source that gives a full picture of share of time spent with media is a long way off and may never come to fruition on a one-to-one basis. However, individual media types (namely video and out-of-home) have made strides over the last few years to implement improvements in cross-platform user tracking and consumer identification.

In the absence of total day, cross-platform and cross-tactic consumer tracking, it is hoped that new measurement features offered by mainstays in the research industry will alleviate some of the strategic planning pain points that currently exist in total audience plan development. Nielsen has been working on major enhancements to their TV ratings and digital measurement sources like comScore are now challenging traditional research sources to more comprehensively cover video viewing via traditional and digital sources. In the out-of-home (OOH) world, the old Traffic Audit Bureau (T.A.B.) has undergone a rebranding to become “Geopath,” and with their rebranding, will be making efforts to bring their OOH measurement capabilities on par with their media contemporaries in the video space. With these recent changes, it’s necessary for all marketers to understand where the industry currently stands with the latest crop of updates, and what lies on the road ahead.

Nielsen - Local TV Enhancements

Long-lamented but begrudgingly accepted as the best (and at most points in time, the only) measurement standard for video viewership, the Nielsen diary has had a long life. While the diary was sufficient for the dawn of the television era, it has not sufficed as a reliable measurement source for some time. In today’s increasingly complex media consumption landscape, consumers cannot be expected to accurately track all of their TV viewing in a paper booklet. With the myriad of video choices available to consumers and technological advancements allowing... 

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