Kelly Scott Madison

The Evolution of Cross-Platform



As new consumer habits evolve and solidify, cross-platform measurment tactics and updated media strategies develop. 

Advertisers wanting to remain relevant in an increasingly multi-channel world now need constant research updates in order to stay abreast of emerging viewing choices, video platforms, and adjustments to overall consumption habits. While consumer habits do not change overnight, measurement systems and new data sources are ever-emerging and can shed new light on complicated platform questions as the industry begins to crack the video code.

Fragmentation is both a curse and a boon to the intelligent media plan, and understanding how the advertising industry can adapt to and capitalize on the changing landscape is a constant learning process. As new consumer habits develop and solidify, fragmentation will threaten the scale advertisers have long enjoyed in traditional media platforms like television. At the same time, the data collection and consumer intelligence the industry is now able to utilize today will serve to increase the precision with which we find users for products of every kind. The powers of digital targeting have only just begun to be utilized and the industry will continue to expand exponentially over the next five years.

Current studies purporting a comprehensive understanding of the video landscape are stretching the truth about the scope of their knowledge base. However, as new data emerges, valuable insights can...

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