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Summer Olympics Update



The biggest sporting event in the world is just around the corner. Learn six key items marketers should pay attention to this summer.

Excitement is building as the Summer Olympics are approaching and advertisers finalize their sponsorship packages. Rio de Janeiro will host the 2016 Summer Olympics this coming August, the first South American city to host the any Olympic games. With limited major league sports in summer months, the Olympics will capture headlines and produce high ratings. Some storylines to watch: 


National cable and digital ad sales are projected to exceed the $1.3 billion (not including local ad spending) that was generated during the London Olympics. While still seven months out, recent deals have pushed the pace ahead of ad sales from the London games. Because of the demand, NBC Universal (NBCU) is executing fewer categor yexclusivity deals.

NBCU is reportedly asking for more than $1 million for a :30 Prime TV spot. In addition, they are requiring advertisers to commit to a minimum spend of $7 to 10 million before allowing them to purchase digital media. Given the surge of media consumption on mobile and tablet devices since the last Summer Olympics, digital ad spend for Rio will certainly surpass the London games. 

Because Rio is in the Eastern Standard Time zone, most of the key events will air during Prime in the U.S., which is incredible for advertisers that are trying to capture audiences with live viewing. The London Summer Olympics were ahead by six hours and averaged...

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