Kelly Scott Madison

Summer 2016 State of Media

Providing Key Insights Into the Latest Topics in Media

Kelly Scott Madison (KSM) released its summer 2016 State of Media magazine, providing an analysis on trends in the advertising industry. This edition’s cover story delves into why out-of-home (OOH) is currently undergoing a renaissance.

Future of OOH Advertising 

“I am constantly inspired and reinvigorated by the pace of change in our industry,” said KSM President Joni Williams. “Just a decade ago, OOH was a somewhat fixed format, but it has now become one of the most exciting and dynamic opportunities in advertising.”  

Increased availability and technological capabilities of digital screen installations, paired with companion technology, like beacons, geofencing and on-site payment systems, have elevated expectations for this medium. Excitement is also being driven by the bolstered measurement and optimization capabilities that digital OOH brings. Not only can marketers now adjust creative in-real time based upon varying audiences, but it’s also possible to continuously analyze demographic, exposure and engagement metrics during and after campaigns. This fact allows brands to have an entirely new level of insight and control over their outdoor advertising.

“By bridging the gap between digital and traditional media, these developments are not only changing outdoor advertising, but the industry altogether,” said Chief Strategy Officer Jonathan Lichter. More on the latest OOH advancements can be found on page 16 of this most-recent edition.

In addition to OOH, the summer 2016 State of Media features 22 pages of editorial-style insight on a multitude of topics including: 

Luxury advertising (page 4): How are luxury brands adapting to digital media?

Inter-networks (page 6): What’s next for broadcast television?

The state of mobile (page 7): What are the issues and opportunities for this rapidly-growing channel?

Virtual reality check (page 12): It seems VR has been talked about since the 80s. Has it finally arrived?

Audio updates (page 20): Which audio developments are the ones to watch?

Sports corner (page 22): Soccer is taking on the U.S. Are brands listening?

A digital version of the magazine is available by filling out the information fields to the right, or interested parties can request a hard copy by emailing their mailing address to with the subject line "Send summer 2016 SOM magazine."

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