Kelly Scott Madison

State of Media 2017 Vol. 9 Issue 2

Providing Key Insights Into the Latest Topics in Media

Kelly Scott Madison’s (KSM) latest State of Media Magazine provides an analysis on trends in the advertising industry.

In media, everything old can become new again. Sometimes original methods remain the most reliable, and sometimes they re-create themselves in new and inventive ways. It’s easy to make assumptions about where we think media is going, but once we get down into the data it often tells us a different and more intriguing story.

In this edition’s cover story, live TV and over-the-top providers have been at odds for years now, but the true emergence of live TV streaming and “skinny bundles” are showcasing the steadfastness of “traditional” television. Even more interesting are the new licensing partnerships these once fierce foes are continuing the forge, offering some interesting opportunities for brand marketers.

In addition, this edition features 20 pages of editorial-style insight on a multitude of topics including:

Experiential marketing (page 4): There's nothing new about event marketing, but with new technologies and cultural movements experiential marketing is taking on new life. 

Coupon evolution (page 8): Couponing is a century-old practice. While the concept remains the same, the tactics have changed drastically since the days of clipping.

Audio battles (page 13): Traditional AM/FM radio continues to battle it out with streaming services like Pandora and Spotify, but the balance between old and new might be different than you expect.

Sports corner (page 16): It might seem unlikely, but esports are growing fast and reaching more markets than its image might let on.

Holiday trends (page 18): Retailers would do well to note these important holiday shopping trends.

A digital version of the magazine is available by filling out the information fields to the right, or interested parties can request a hard copy by emailing their mailing address to with the subject line "Send SOM 2017 vol. 9 issue 2."


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