Kelly Scott Madison

State of Media 2017 Vol. 9 Issue 1

Providing Key Insights Into the Latest Topics in Media

Kelly Scott Madison's (KSM) latest State of Media magazine provides an analysis on trends in the advertising industry.

The techniques and tools used for media measurement have been in near-constant flux since long before the digital age, leaving brand marketers behind the curve when it comes to understanding this subject. This is exactly why KSM's team set out in this edition’s cover story (Page 10) to take stock of the most important audience measurement and tracking advancements that will arrive this year. 

In addition, this edition features 20 pages of editorial-style insight on a multitude of topics including:

Presidential brands (page 4): Many are still wondering how Donald Trump pulled off his shocking win. KSM reviews brand strategy by framing an unusual comparison. 

2017 CES (page 6): This year's Consumer Electronics Show was packed with marketing takeaways. Discover the best in our recap. 

 Native TV ads (page 7): Some television networks have crowned native as the next greatest opportunity, but is it really anything new? Find out how content providers are trying to differentiate the latest crop of opportunities from those of the past. 

 Connected cars (page 16): Dreaming of the day when a car runs your errands? It may not be too far away, and marketers are already preparing. 

Sports corner (page 18): Scoring the NCAA's College Football Playoff in its second year. 

A digital version of the magazine is available by filling out the information fields to the right, or interested parties can request a hard copy by emailing their mailing address to with the subject line "Send SOM 2017 vol. 9 issue 1." 

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