Kelly Scott Madison

Spring 2016 State of Media

Providing Key Insights Into the Latest Topics in Media

Kelly Scott Madison (KSM) recently released its spring 2016 State of Media magazine, providing an analysis on trends in the advertising industry. This edition’s cover story focuses on the ways that biometric data is ushering in the next generation of consumer marketing.  

Biometric marketing 

“We’re constantly looking to influence consumer actions through media, and the science of biometrics is providing new ways to visualize the emotional reactions of advertisers’ audiences,” said KSM President Joni Williams. “It’s why I find our cover story on this topic so fascinating.”

Advances in technology, coupled with a growing focus on data among marketers, has made biometric research much more relevant. Marketers are using this data to tap into the minds of consumers as they mentally process and respond to marketing stimuli. Unlike traditional research methods such as interviews and focus groups, biometric measures do not depend on verbal articulation and are normally very accurate since they are reported subconsciously. Find out more by reading this edition’s cover story on page 12.

In addition to biometric marketing, the spring 2016 State of Media offers 20 pages of editorial-style insight on an array of trending topics, including:

Addressing viewability and invalid traffic (page 4)
2016 SXSW Recap (page 5)
Unlocking set-top box data (page 6)
Are you stuck in the Stone Age of direct response television? (page 10)
Making sense of audio (page 11)
Real-time marketing (page 16)
Sports corner: in-stadium marketing (page 20)

A digital version of the magazine is available on KSM’s website, or interested parties can request a hard copy by emailing their mailing address to with the subject line "Send spring 2016 SOM magazine."

Click below to download the spring 2016 State of Media

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