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Programmatic: The Current Landscape



The growth of programmatic strategies and infrastructurein the ad community is undeniable.

The growth of programmatic strategies and infrastructure in the ad community is undeniable. In fact, overall programmatic spend is projected to hit more than $9 billion in 2017 (up from an estimated $3.3 billion for this year, according to eMarketer). Agencies and advertisers are definitely recognizing the multifaceted advantages of these systems to increase not only operational efficiencies,but also campaign effectiveness.

Manual procedures are being replaced by tools that are streamlining the buying and selling process, while at the same time providing greater real-time access to data that can inform campaign performance. Essentially, agencies are finding ways to spend less time being bogged down with execution tasks and shifting more time to thinking strategically about an advertiser’s business and media challenges.

While open-auction programmatic is a high point of interest within the programmatic buying space, it is only one of multiple ways to apply this technology in this ever-expanding arena. The media industry is also expanding into the invitation-only, or private, auction side of programmatic, where publishers only allow some advertisers access to bid on their inventory.

This exclusivity model is growing rapidly as companies such as Conde Nast, The Washington Post, The Guardianand Forbes began embracing programmatic by launching trading desks in 2013. In essence, publishers are attempting to...

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