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An increased focus on profile marketing and the consumer journey is changing the way advertisers approach campaigns

Today’s always-on, multi-device-using consumers have never been more reachable. But while increased connectivity presents a great opportunity for marketers, capitalizing on this unprecedented access has proved to be challenging. Consider that in one week—or even over the span of a few hours—consumers may begin a product search on their desktop, scope reviews on social media using their tablet and compare email offers on their phone. This scenario has become the norm, so it’s key for marketers to connect the dots and respond to consumers in real time throughout the path to purchase.

However, constant movement between devices makes it difficult to gain a holistic view of each individual and targeting users via web cookies creates inaccurate and incomplete audience coverage. Based on the latest analysis from Adobe Digital Index (ADI) as of March 2016, the average U.S. consumer owns 7.2 internet-connected devices and uses three or more devices daily, yet the average marketer typically only identifies one of them during web visits. Moreover, the majority of marketers say that they don’t have a single view of their customers across channels, and only 20 percent report using cross-channel data and attribution to evaluate marketing, according to ExchangeWire. This is a problem, since without a complete picture, it’s nearly impossible to employ an effective and crucial cross-device experience. Enter people-based marketing (PBM), a strategic discipline that leverages data to connect brands with actual individuals across all digital devices and channels.

Back up. What’s the problem with cookies?

Once upon a time (or around five years ago), targeting through a cookie-based technology, pixel tracking, was marketers best option to reach “people”—a term used lightly as cookies are associated with web browsers, not specific people. Essentially, every time...

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