Kelly Scott Madison

Making Sense of Audio



Visualizing strategies across various platforms

Pure Play Only 


Reach audiences consuming online audio (primarily ages 18 to 34)

Run an audio campaign integrating advanced digital metrics

Utilize third-party data to target a specific audience-Pair audio ads with a visual platform on mobile and desktop devices (e.g., coupon, companion banner, video)-Possibilities exist to align brand with specific artists, formats and song lists

Campaign Delivery:

Achieve up to 57 percent weekly reach against consumers 18 and older, and 52 percent reach against ages 18 to 34 (must purchase multiple platforms to achieve full reach; Pandora delivers 25 percent weekly online audio users)


Broadcast Only


Reach audiences consuming terrestrial, AM/FM stations

Attain broader reach across audiences aged 18 and older versus online-only platforms

Allow for hyper-local community presence in the form of traffic, weather or news sponsorships-Possibilities exist to align brand with on-air talent for increased brand loyalty and credibility


Campaign Delivery:

Achieve up to 93 percent weekly reach...

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