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By: Rachael Muhlenbeck, Promotions Manager &
Zach Spangler, Promotions Coordinator

What is it?

Walk around, explore and get paid to do it?  That’s just what the iPhone application Gigwalk is providing users otherwise known as the “casual mobile workforce.” Gigwalk works by providing a variety of “tasks” to users who can pick and choose which one is relevant or exciting to them. These tasks require the user to visit a specific location and capture an image on their phone and send in their findings.  The tasked “gigs” may range from a local brunch spot’s menu, a special event with new vodka, a product display in-store or a street sign.  Each gig pays the “walker” anywhere between $3 up to $90 and is distributed to the Gigwalkers PayPal account. Depending on the complexity of the task, some gigs can actually pay much more. 

When Gigwalkers complete tasks correctly and in a timely fashion, they receive Street Cred: in turn moving closer to the front of the line for new bigger and better “gigs.”  Gigwalk users are able to make a few extra dollars either exploring new areas of their town or at place they may already frequent.

Why is it important?

For companies in need of quick data collection, this application is a great one-stop shop for them.   National brands may not have the resources or funds to send staff across the country to check in on promotions, store locations, etc – but with Gigwalk, they are able to capture important information from Gigwalkers.  This application creates virtually no hassles with very little out of pocket costs to companies to utilize Gigwalkers.  Gigwalk customers only pay for quality results and thus, Gigwalkers consistently deliver – achieving a 93% success rate in accurately capturing real-world data.

A few companies using this service are the GPS company Tom Tom and, an online restaurant guide. uses the service to make sure that menu information is up-to-date.  Recently Bing/Microsoft signed on to use Gigwalk’s services. Other groups using this service include advertising agencies looking to verify proper outdoor billboard creative and government agencies checking in on road conditions.

What’s next?

Currently Gigwalk is being used by 50,000 workforce members in select areas in the United States including: Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, South Florida and San Francisco.   Now out of the 6-month beta testing phase, Gigwalk has plans to expand beyond those eight areas, but no new market plans have been released at this time.  Gigwalk is also looking beyond traditional photo capture and also requesting 360 views of the place/establishment moving forward.  There are long term plans as well to take this application to Android phones, especially if Gigwalk wants branch out internationally.  That appears to be down the line as they want to get it right and work out the kinks on iPhone devices before using another device.

What we think:

Gigwalk is a very interesting application and it usually takes about 10-15 minutes per gig; however we have found some issues with it.  There are minimal jobs available for users with phones that aren’t iPhone 4’s.  Also, the majority of the gigs that are offered are just for street creds. The average pay across the city of Chicago is approximately $4 per gig, which won’t be filling up your wallet any time soon.   Recently a KSM employee took on the task of becoming a Chicago gig walker and it took about a month to be approved and another month to have their first gig approved and account credited.   Over time, our employee noticed that many gigs are reoccurring, so you could go back to the place over and over again and get paid your $4. A downfall to Gigwalk is actually being able to complete the gig, as some locations may not enjoy having a customer come in and take a picture of the inside of their establishments.  Our KSM employee was asked to leave one place and questioned at others.   Also, as Gigwalk continues to grow, the wait time for approval and competition for gigs will increase. 

We believe that this application may make sense for some national brands or campaigns in markets outside of their own workforce.  Before advertisers go out and hire a Craigslist work force to check up on an event and/or take photos of a national campaign, it’s worth looking into Gigwalk’s capabilities to complete the job.  You won’t find a huge discount in pricing, but advertisers have a one-stop shop in Gigwalk and don’t have to worry about hiring, verifying credibility, making sure the job gets done  and then paying individuals – Gigwalk handles all of it for them.

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