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Emerging Media Focus: Wearables



The average consumer’s familiarity with wearable technology may be limited, but marketers shouldn’t ignore this sector’s surprisingly fast growth.

The average consumer’s familiaritywith wearable technology may belimited to offerings put out by Google, Samsung and Nike, but marketers shouldn’t ignore this sector’ssurprisingly fast growth.

Early adopters are snatching upgadgets, and overall awareness issteadily growing. In fact, researchfirms like MarketsandMarkets arepredicting overall global revenuein this sector will exceed $8 billion by 2018. Though to put things inperspective, they are also bettingthe global smartphone market willbe worth a considerably larger $150 billion by the end of this year.

Regardless of overall revenues,the buzz among U.S. consumershas noticeably increased. A recentstudy by The NPD Group claims U.S.consumer awareness of wearabletechnology such as watches, fitnesstrackers and smart glasses has nowsurpassed 50 percent. Much of this is likely due to the recent barrage of both positive and negative media reports covering Google Glass, as these pieces often...

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