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The lines between media and marketing technology are becoming vague. What does this mean for brands and their agencies?

The lines between media and marketing technology are blurring. The influx of programmatic media platforms and the heightened importance of making informed media decisions through data are closing the gap between historically disparate systems and processes. Programmatic media platforms are now functioning on the same first-party data that’s traditionally been saved for internal marketing efforts. With data at the center, it is now possible for marketers to connect their paid, earned and owned marketing efforts to create unique cross-channel consumer experiences.

While possible, connecting disparate systems isn’t easy. In response to growing demand, media and marketing technology companies are starting to encroach on each other’s territory with competing technology solutions or integrations to help streamline cross-functional data sharing and activation. Companies like Facebook, Rocketfuel, Adobe and Oracle have product offerings that boast the ability to find and attract the right prospects, then move them through their own unique customer journeys. The pay-out of going “all in” with one tech stack is still to be seen, but the movement toward media and marketing platform consolidation is inevitable for brands that want to galvanize their data in real time and achieve informed executions.

Consolidation at the technology level is a driving force behind recent restructures aimed at expanding programmatic capabilities and strengthening cross-department comprehension and utility. The capacity of technology coupled with the availability of data is inherently tied to the development of smart marketing strategies; programmatic proficiency across agency departmentswill be critical as clients increase their demand for cross-channel communicationsolutions. Agencies need to be equipped to ideate and activate strategies that leverage their tech stack as well as their clients.

The same operational silos that are hindering agency integration are also impacting brands. Brands are quick to demand...

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