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Is your brand tapping into the next generation of consumer marketing data? 

Neuromarketing research has been around since 1990 when it was developed by psychologists at Harvard. Yet advances in technology, coupled with a growing focus on data among marketers, has made biometric market research much more relevant recently. According to the American Marketing Association (AMA), marketers are using biometrics to tap into the minds of consumers as they mentally process and subconsciously respond to messaging and overall branding. Unlike traditional research methods such as interviews and surveys, biometric measures do not depend on verbal articulation and are normally very accurate since they are reported subconsciously.

Most individual biometric measures do not provide the whole picture by themselves. For instance, eye tracking may be especially useful for understanding which elements of media are most noticeable, but eye tracking alone will not provide any concrete insight regarding a person’s thoughts or feelings. 

Brands, filmmakers, TV networks and others continue to invest in biometric research to better understand and engage with consumers. Technological advances and the proliferation of wearable devices will undoubtedly lead to more powerful insights and opportunities for marketers. That is, assuming the industry is... 

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