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An Intro to Web Analytics



45 percent of small and midsize businesses consider their company website to be their number one marketing tool

In today’s day and age a website is one of the most, if not the most vital components to a brand. A flawless website experience is therefore crucial, and in order to ensure these positive online experiences for consumers, all brands need to establish a solid web analytics strategy.

Aside from basic website metric reporting, web analytics—which, simply put, is the study of online behavior toimprove web experience—can provide valuable insight intomany areas of a brand’s digital landscape, including website functionality and usability, e-commerce activity and media campaign performance.

Optimizing website functionality and usability

According to eMarketer, 45 percent of small and midsize businesses consider their company website to be their number one marketing tool. It comes as no surprise then that more and more companies are turning to web analytics to ensure their website is functioning properly. Besides verifying that a website is functioning, web analytics can identify whether certain traffic flows of a website are working as expected. The checkout process of an e-commerce site is a prime example of a page flow that is often monitored via web analytics platforms. A company may anticipate that 50 percent of visitors who add a product to their shopping cart will complete their purchase, but find that only 45 percent actually convert. By analyzing how visitors navigate through the purchase process and watching where visitors drop-off, businesses can identify areas of opportunity to improve continuationrates. For instance, if there are a high percentage ofvisitors who abandon their shopping cart when prompted toenter in a payment method, optimizations might include clarifying credit card entry instructions, adding a review step prior to completing an order or adding the functionality for guests to save their payment details for future purchases.

Web analytics data is also unbiased and helps identify usability issues that are often overlooked by individuals whoare most familiar with the website. New promotional content may not be generating...

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