Kelly Scott Madison


"KSM has been a strategic thought leader and professional and pragmatic executional partner. They went above and beyond typical media planning by applying their data access and analytics to develop our consumer segmentation. We are impressed with their responsiveness and professionalism in media planning, working well in our franchise system that includes a wide variety of personalities. KSM has also been a resourceful partner when helping us build capability to attribute sales results to media efforts."
Chris Miller
Vice President, Marketing
"KSM has been a true partner to Mezzacorona helping grow our consumer awareness and visibility in the USA. Throughout our entire media planning process they have been diligent and thorough in explaining opportunities and rationales for their intended strategies. They are tops when it comes to serving our needs, answering questions, and reporting back to us on their efforts. Moreover, they have added value to our plans by securing additional promotional opportunities in conjunction with our media buys. It is always nice to see when someone values your budget from your side of the table. That is what a partner does."
Barbara Darra
Global Marketing Manager, Cantine e Vigneti Mezzacorona
“KSM brought a lot of media strategies to the table that we as an energy company wouldn’t have previously considered. Whether it’s running native ads across key audience publications, launching online gaming executions or simply elevating our cross-device messaging, their efforts help grow our brand in a positive and measurable way. We’ve been able to provide customers real context about the value of FPL’s services, and that’s a huge reason why our leadership sees a bright and sustainable future for FPL.”
Marlene Cowan
Advertising Channel Manager, Florida Power & Light Company
“I have had the privilege of working with the KSM team for more than five years and am extremely pleased with our partnership. The team is responsive, insightful and always willing to help. They provide a steady stream of knowledge and insight into our digital analytics that allow us to make better decisions for our guests and our company, and I look forward to many more years of working together.”
Jennifer P. Gorman
Digital Media Manager, The Dollywood Company
“KSM is our strategic partner. Beyond using their media buying services, we also leverage their expertise for all things related to media. They help us to sort through the various media platforms and choose what’s best to reach our target audience with both established and new tactics. They have also been proven to be proactive in negotiating compelling ‘added value’ like vignettes, sponsorships and sweepstakes. Finally, we appreciate that they are always available to answer questions and to participate in idea generation for new campaigns and approaches.”
Eric Minor
Senior Marketing Director, Libman
“Not content to 'set it and forget it,' the professionals at KSM are always keeping me up to date with the latest media opportunities. That’s not to say they don’t keep their focus on our ongoing campaigns. They do, but it’s always with an eye for what’s next and how can we be better.”
Christopher Sadler, MBA
Director, Creative Services and Digital Communications, Froedtert Health
“The KSM Team that supports NorthShore is top notch. The team works seamlessly with our creative agency to achieve integrated, best-in-class results. Each member brings functional expertise with a strong understanding of our core service offerings resulting in media solutions that are strategically sound and thorough. Coupled with this expertise is a focused, deliberate approach to healthcare advertising that ensures we have the latest, freshest and most innovative media options available to share the benefits of NorthShore with patients.”
Toni Midderhoff Miller
Director of Brand Marketing, NorthShore University HealthSystem
“When KSM came on board we were in the process of opening two new clubs. They dove in and dug in to understand our business and our customers, resulting in an amazingly smooth transition from our former media agency. Their team listens with the ears of a partner — not a vendor. As we grow our franchise, KSM’s expertise and insights will be a key factor in our success.

KSM gets it. And that’s why they got our business."
Mike Coffin
Director of Marketing and Communications, Planet Fitness Texas
“KSM has been a great partner with us to help drive web-based sales via PPC activities.”
Joe Niemer
Vice President of Digital Commerce and Valuation, Hagerty - Classic Car Insurance
“We are a small company and have traditionally not used agency partners. KSM has redefined what it means to be a partner in our business. I feel confident the team always has our best interest in mind and is focused on growth in responsible, brand-appropriate ways.”
Nicole Portwood
Vice President, Brand Marketing, Tito’s Handmade Vodka

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