Kelly Scott Madison

Peru Tourism

Key Insight/Result:

A combination of strategic digital placements and ad networks can dramatically raise audience awareness




Portray Peru as a Desirable Destination for Tourism and Business


PromPeru, Peru’s official source for international tourism and business information, was looking to increase its awareness among Canadian and American audiences through digital channels.


  • Client wanted to target audiences that typically demonstrate low levels of accurate knowledge about South American countries
  • Travel to South America can be expensive for Americans and Canadians

Strategic approach

KSM sought placements on contextually relevant sites to capture users most likely to be in the “travel planning” stage. Campaign elements included:

  • Securing visibility on local and national news sites’ travel sections to generate high impression levels
  • Utilizing Ad Networks for their advanced targeting capabilities to achieve high reach across brand sites
  • Increasing budget effectiveness by allocating remaining resources towards highly targeted psychographic and demographic placements


  • Increased traffic to site by over 400 percent during campaign flight
  • Effective CPM of less than $6
  • Average cost per site visitor of less than $4

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