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Ideal Sweetener

Key Insight/Result:

Thoughtful test market selection and plan development achieves measurable and lasting results.


Sugar Substitutes


Ideal No Calorie Sweetener Local Market Test


Ideal Sweetener had developed a new sugar substitute with Xylitol as its main ingredient, a natural occurring sugar found in plants and vegetables and a great alternative for people with diabetes. Ideal wanted to test product viability through pre and post awareness studies and sales tracking.


Ideal was entering a crowded category with competitors vying for grocery shelf space. While Ideal’s product had major unique selling points like natural ingredients and superior baking characteristics, they still had to overcome top-competitor Splenda’s well-established media exposure.

Strategic Approach

Meticulous test market evaluation led to the selection of three markets that had:

  • good grocery store distribution
  • average or above CDI
  • media efficiencies
  • market size sufficient to display metrics when translated to a national plan

Because the product had a heavy emphasis on baking, KSM supplemented spot television and cable plans with strategically placed radio promotions, digital presence on major online cooking/baking sites and an SEO campaign in three test markets.


Ideal’s post project awareness improved greatly, primarily driven by television, and remained constant months after the campaign’s completion.

Total brand communication awareness increased by 62 percent.

KSM’s campaign goal of turning Ideal into a great baking and cooking brand was fully realized. Post Wave results position Ideal as the #2 “best brand for cooking”.

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