Kelly Scott Madison

American Cancer Society

Key Insight/Result:

Utilizing strong “vested” partnerships make it possible to increase awareness about the American Cancer Society’s Patient Navigation Services


Cause Marketing


Patient Outreach Services


The American Cancer Society had multiple objectives for raising awareness about its many service programs and functions. Ultimately, the organization wanted to launch:

  • Statewide promotional coverage year-round regarding the breadth of its services
  • Initiatives that target the “underserved” population with no private insurance
  • Outreach to previously untapped groups including the African-American and Latino communities
  • Long term equity fortifiers in the ACS brand that will help quantify reputation
  • Communications that raise awareness of ACS patient services, increase volunteer fidelity and boost donor gifting


  • Target groups were very broad and would require complex messaging to effectively engage
  • Multiple media types would be necessary to fulfill communication and targeting goals
  • Resource limitations placed budget constraints on all promotional options

Strategic Approach

The plan’s strategic elements included:

  • Prioritizing TV and Cable due to its high reach capabilities.
  • Limiting media partnerships to one or two vendors, effectively maximizing negotiation leverage
  • Demographic and income targeting to ensure message saturation in priority markets
  • Promoting ACS message on health websites and through engaging email marketing
  • Digital elements such as geo-targeted search and the Google Content Targeting Network for optimal reach and contextually relevant placements


ACS was pleased with the value to spend ratio in both years. Local personality “endorsements” engaged viewers with added impact. Website visits and requests for information increased as well.

Year 1 -  2009/2010 - Client received a 10 to 1 return on investment

Year 2  - 2010/2011 - Execution in TV/CB only - Client received a 5 to 1 return on investment

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