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Kelly Scott Madison Enters Next Phase of Company Evolution

Company Rebrands Organization and Digital Team to Optimize Account Services and Showcase Successful Culmination of Online and Offline Integration

CHICAGO — February 3, 2012

Kelly Scott Madison today unveiled a fresh company brand to signify its next stage of organizational growth. The move also represents the successful completion of a digital and traditional media integration project that began when its sister company, Fuor Digital was created.

In mid-2005, KSM leadership identified a growing need for media companies to bolster their service offerings by housing both offline and online capabilities under one organizational umbrella. As a result, the team brought on a group of digital experts and launched Fuor Digital.

KSM President Joni Williams is excited to have reached the next step in the integration strategy’s lifecycle. “Creating our sister company, Fuor Digital, allowed KSM to reach the point of digital excellence faster than we ever envisioned. Our five-year plan was to successfully integrate best-in-breed online and offline media. Today, I am happy to mark the culmination of our efforts with an energized and unified brand that will propel the company and our clients to future growth and prosperity,” Williams said.

Since its inception, the integration has been well received by KSM’s clients. Chief Executive Officer Barbara Otto of Health & Disability Advocates brought her organization's digital needs to Fuor in 2010. “We were already impressed with KSM’s traditional service offerings, and were attracted to the idea of also bundling our digital demands into one source. I can attest that as a media company, KSM has built something truly unique here. By nature, digital and traditional are tricky to integrate and I applaud them for bringing their organization into the next horizon,” Otto said.

The evolutionary process is being signified with a new company logo, website and the migration of Fuor account representatives into the newly branded KSM Digital team. 

KSM Digital will be led by recently promoted Vice President and Digital Director Kay Wesolowski, and will continue to manage display, video, mobile and social media advertising along with search engine marketing and comprehensive campaign analytics.

These changes will take effect immediately, with the following Fuor Digital representatives assuming roles as a part of the KSM Digital team: digital account manager, Sam Abrams; digital account manager, Angela Bellizzi; associate digital planner, Megan Breidenbach; associate digital planner, Sara Brown; digital media supervisor, Michael Peters; digital media supervisor, Caleb Pinkerton; digital account manager, Ryan Pittrich; digital group account supervisor, Diane Staffan and associate digital planner, Alyssa Vandine.

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